Poly means many, cystic refers to cysts and Syndrome refers to group of symptoms. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels, ovaries and ovulation.Polycystic ovaries describes the numerous small cysts that form in the ovaries. These cysts are normally sacs that filled up with fluid. Sometimes Polycystic ovaries contain a large number of harmless follicles that are up to 8mm in size. These follicles are underdeveloped sacs in which eggs develop. In PCOS, these sacs are often unable to release an egg, which means ovulation does not take place.

  • In PCOS woman’s hormone levels affects frequently.
  • Women with PCOS produce higher amounts of male hormones than normal amount. This hormonal imbalance causes them to skip menstrual periods and makes it harder for them to get pregnant.
  • Hormonal imbalance causes lots of small and harmless cysts to develop in the ovaries.
  • The difference between polycystic ovaries and polycystic ovarian syndrome is to do with hormones. People with PCOS may have ovarian cysts. But these cysts have a hormonal cause. If a woman has ovarian cysts, but the menstrual cycle and hormone balance are normal in , then she doesn’t have PCOS.


  • Due to hormonal imbalance approximately 70% of women facing problem of hair on their face and body.
  • Male hormones can make the skin oilier than usual and cause breakouts on areas i.e Acne.
  • Dark patches of skin can form in body creases.
  • Some women with PCOS get fewer than eight menstrual cycle a year or none at all.
  • The bleeding can be heavier than normal.
  • Hormonal changes can trigger headaches in some women.
  • Up to 80 percent of PCOS women are overweight or have obesity.


Women with untreated PCOS are more likely to develop certain serious health problems.

  • Infertility
  • Uterine cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart related problems
  • Obesity
  • Excess Hair Growth


There is maximum chance of relapse of the conditions in other ways of treatment. But by the Grace of Almighty Allah with Homeopathic remedies and having vast experience to treat female related problems & other chronic disorders we have got remarkable results during our clinical practice.
Female patients who have ovarian cyst or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may get their treatment in Homeopathy from Dr. Mrs Asma Arshad. Due to extra ordinary cure rate, Arshad Homeopathic Clinic (AHC) is considered one of the leading and prominent Homeopathic Clinic in Rawalpindi region.


Mrs Rabia was diagnosed PCOS at the age of 32. She had visited multiple doctors in her town Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but she could not get cured from her illness. One of her friend told her about Dr.Mrs Asma Arshad at Arshad Homeopathic Clinic. She had visited us and get cured after 4-5 months treatment.


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