The anus is an internal opening by which the feces are removed from the body. A amount of tiny cells are just inside the anus. If one of these cells becomes closed, an abscess may develop Anal Fistula.

  • An anal abscess is generally handled through surgical drainage. But Homeopathy medicines have excellent results in it.
  • Approximately 50 times of these abscesses can grow into a fistula in which a tiny tunnel links the affected gland inside the anus.
  • Most fistulas are the consequence of an anal abscess. Other processes such as trauma, tuberculosis, cancer or sexually transmitted infections may cause a tiny amount of fistulas too.
  • Long-term condition of inflammation of the digestive system may cause it.


There are so many other symptoms of fistula but the possible symptoms are as follows;

  • Skin irritation around anus due to persistent drainage.
  • Fever, chilling, and a general feeling of fatigue.
  • Repeated abscesses in anus.
  • A steady, pulsating pain that may get worse when you lay down, shift around, bowel movement, or cough.
  • Passing pus or blood when feces are about to discharge.
  • Swelling and redness around the anus and elevated heat if an abscess exist in the anus.
  • The pain may decrease after the drainage of the fistula.
  • Hard to control bowel movement.


  • Homeopathy is an outstanding alternative way to treat many surgical illnesses, including anal fistula. It is particularly useful for its treatment.
  • In many other cases, these medications save an individual from receiving surgical procedures for this traumatic issue.
  • Due to their unique and natural characteristics Homeopathic remedies treat anal fistula with no side effects.
  • The discharge associated with anal fistula gradually decreases with frequent use of these medicines, and the indications of pain, inflammation, and itching are also reduced significantly.

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