• Sciatica is basically a pain in sciatic nerve caused by nerve irritation.
  • The sciatic nerve is the body’s biggest nerve.
  • Sciatica generally starts from the nerve roots in the lower part of the body.
  • Sciatica signs include pain typically experienced by individuals from the lower back to the body of the thigh and radiating below the knee.
  • Sciatica creates pain, stinging feeling, numbness, or tingling from the lower back and middle buttock down the chest of the thigh to the top of the leg.
  • Age, diabetes, obesity, prolonged sitting while driving or office work and picking the heavy load up are the main risk factors causing sciatica.
  • Homeopathy is a very sophisticated science completely designed to handle neuralgic pain, including sciatica. Homeopathic medications can manage acute sciatica as homeopathic drugs as chronic sciatica.


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