Anal fistula, also known as a fistula-in-ano, is a small tunnel that forms between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. It is often the result of a previous anal abscess that has not been adequately treated or has recurred. It is a common condition that affects many people, particularly those with Crohn's disease or other bowel conditions.

The anus is an internal opening of rectum by which the stool are passed out from the body. A amount of tiny several glands are inside the anus that make fluid. If some of these glands get blocked then a bacteria build-up in anus and create a swollen pocket of infected tissue and liquid, this is known as abscess. This abscess may develop Anal Fistula. Problems with the anus are very common. Haemorrhoids, abscesses, fissures (cracks) and cancer are one of them.

anal fistula images

Anal abscess is generally handled through surgical drainage. But Homeopathy medicines have excellent results in it. 50% of these abscesses can grow into a fistula in which a tiny tunnel links the affected gland inside the anus.


The exact cause of anal fistula is unknown, but it is thought to be related to an infection in the anal area. In some cases, it may be due to a previous abscess or surgery in the area. Other risk factors that may cause anal fistula include;

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Radiation therapy to the anal region
  • Immune system disorders
  • Trauma to the anal region
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • The chronic inflammation of digestive system


There are so many other symptoms of fistula but the possible symptoms are as follows;

  • Skin irritation around anus.
  • Fever, chilling, and a general feeling of fatigue.
  • Repeated abscesses in anus.
  • A steady, pulsating pain that may got worsen when you lay down, shifted around, bowel movement, or coughing.
  • Pus or blood during stool.
  • Swelling and redness around the anus and elevated heat if an abscess exist in the anus.
  • The pain may decrease after the drainage of the fistula.
  • Patients may also experience itching, bleeding, and difficulty controlling their bowel movements.


An anal fissure is a tear or open sore that develops in the lining of the large intestine, near the anus. It may be acute & chronic both. If it is existed more than 8 weeks then it is considered chronic fissure.

Common causes of anal fissure include:

  • Passing large or hard stools
  • Constipation
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Childbirth

The most common symptoms of anal fissures are:

  • A visible crack in the skin around the anus.
  • A sharp deep burning pain during passed out the stool.
  • A small amount of bright red blood come while stooling.
  • Pain after bowel movements that can last up to several hours.
anal fistula picture


  • Hemorrhoids (Piles) are swollen, enlarged veins that form inside and outside the anus and rectum.
  • They can be painful, uncomfortable and cause rectal bleeding.
  • The size of piles can vary, and they are found inside or outside the anus.
  • Piles are caused due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool.

Hemorrhoids is classified into four grades;

  • Grade One: In this stage invisible small inflammations occurs usually inside the lining of the anus.
  • Grade Two: It is larger than grade one, and remain inside the anus. They may get pushed out during the stool passing and return back unaided.
  • Grade Three: It appears outside the anus. The individual may feel them hanging from the rectum, but they can be easily re-inserted.
  • Grade Four: These cannot be pushed back in. They are large and remain outside of the anus.


  • Homeopathy remedies (medicines) have excellent results to treat many surgical illnesses, including anal fistula, Piles and Anal Fissure.
  • To protect an individual from surgical procedures homeopathic treatment is best treatment so far.
  • Due to their unique and natural characteristics Homeopathic remedies treat anal fistula, Piles and Anal Fissure with no side effects.
  • The discharge associated with anal fistula gradually decreases with frequent use of homeopathic medicines, and the indications of pain, inflammation, and itching are also reduced significantly.
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